Benefits of Hotspot Policing

Write a 6 page essay in APA format about the benefits of hotspot policing. When discussing benefits, also mention statistics and how it reduces crime rates. Must focus more on how hotspot policing is beneficial rather than how it is effective.

No plagiarism please, must cite all sources.






I found a few links that are helpful however you’re more than welcome to find more sources! Just please be sure to cite.

Requirements: 6 pages

You do not need to include an introduction or conclusion!

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Gun ownership is a contended issue in the United States, with the main point of contention being whether it will increase or reduce crime rates. Most gun owners buy guns for the sole purpose of being able to protect themselves and their loved ones from criminal entities who may invade their homes. In Kansas, anyone who legally owns a gun is permitted to carry it either openly or concealed without necessarily showing any permit for the gun. One is permitted to carry and transport a handgun at a minimum age of 18. Due to the overwhelming number of gun owners in this region, there has been a gradual increase in its crime rates. A hotspot policing program was carried out in the area where there was a focus on the recovery of firearms, and as a result, 65% of the firearms were seized. This resulted in a substantial decrease of 49% in crimes involving firearms and consequently a general reduction in the area’s crime rate (Braga & Weisburd, 2020).

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Benefits of Hotspot Policing