Course Reflection

HUMA 1302—Humanities II

Course Reflection Paper


Following the prompts below, write a 750-word (minimum) reflection paper on what we have studied in this class. Discuss the following areas in the context of the course content and theme. You are supposed to use your textbook (if you have one for the course), lecture notes, and any assigned readings as your sources.  You are not supposed to do other research.  Parts of the paper are subjective paper, so you may use “I” in your paper.


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I have also learned that in our day-to-day living, we come across people from different religions: Islam, Christianity, and others. We must understand that this is one of the aspects of our cultures as in communities, we have different religions. This once gave me a hard time to cope with one of my classmate who was from a different religion and had befriended me as I joined this institution. At first, we could not relate just because of our differences, but as time passed, we improved, and now I can at least say we are good. Besides, shelter is a primary need for all living things. I used to think that people living in houses made of mud bricks were poor; instead, I found that it was their pride since it was their culture. In today’s living, I have to respect them since that’s their culture

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Course Reflection