Mandatory Voting In US

  1. What is the ill? Discuss the significance of the ill. What is the problem in the status quo that you feel needs to be addressed? How many people/animals are affected by this problem? How are they affected by the problem?
  2. What is the blame? What causes the problem? What is the current policy regarding this problem? Why does this current policy fail or not work?
  3. What is the cure you propose? What specific action are you proposing? How does it directly address your ill? What grounds/support do you have that the proposal will reduce the problem? (Shouldn’t be a hypothetical cure; You should research and look for a cure that has been proposed by a representative or large organization. Suggestion: look at other countries to see if they have implemented a cure)
  4. What are the potential costs to the cure you propose? How can we address those costs?


Requirements: 3-4 pages Essay form

I have provided all the information that will be needed. I also attached the rubric and the three definitions of ill, blame, and cure. This is a really important Essay. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you so much.

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The low voter turnout in the US is caused by a lack of policies that would make voting in the country mandatory.   In the US, voting is enshrined in the constitution as a right and a privilege. There is no particular federal, local, or state level that requires US citizens to vote mandatory. However, the US constitution institutes that it is the civic duty for all US citizens from 18 years and above to vote, and no single citizen show be denied this right.  Although the law states that all eligible US voters should be allowed to participate in voting, but they should not be coerced to fulfill their civic duty. The current policy does not make voting mandatory which offers citizens the discretion not to vote, which threatens the democracy of the country.

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Mandatory Voting In US