Evidence-Based Practice Project

Below is the final paper with all the sections. Attached are the sections A-F that were completed previously with grading corrections on the papers included. This paper requires an abstract and appendices and has to be 3,500 words not including the abstract, appendices, references.
The proposal is the plan for an evidence-based practice project designed to address a problem, issue, or concern in the professional work setting. Although several types of evidence can be used to support a proposed solution, a sufficient and compelling base of support from valid research studies is required as the major component of that evidence. Proposals must be submitted in a format suitable for obtaining formal approval in the work setting. Proposals will vary in length depending upon the problem or issue addressed (3,500 and 5,000 words). The cover sheet, abstract, references pages, and appendices are not included in the word count.

Section headings for each section component are required. Evaluation of the proposal in all sections will be based upon the extent to which the depth of content reflects graduate-level critical thinking skills.

This project contains seven formal sections:

  1. Section A: Organizational Culture and Readiness Assessment
  2. Section B: Proposal/Problem Statement and Literature Review
  3. Section C: Solution Description
  4. Section D: Change Model
  5. Section E: Implementation Plan
  6. Section F: Evaluation of Process

Each section (A-F) will be submitted as a separate assignment in Topics 1-6 so your instructor can provide feedback (refer to applicable topics for complete descriptions of each section).

The final paper submission in Topic 7 will consist of the completed project (with revisions to all sections), title page, abstract, compiled references list, and appendices. Appendices will include a conceptual model for the project, handouts, data and evaluation collection tools, a budget, a timeline, resource lists, and approval forms, as previously assigned in individual section assignments.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is required.
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ORCA results indicate that the health organization is relatively ready for implanting the EBP project.  After conducting a survey, the healthcare organization scored four points. The organization’s culture is below the required level.  The organization needs to up communication within the organization. Most nurses claim that they are aware of their responsibilities and duties from the management. Therefore, clear goals and expectation that are communicated by the organizational leadership.  Nurses do know to some degree about evidence-based practice.  One of the barriers that nurses do encounter is short staffing. The organization has few nurses, which puts the existing employees under pressure.
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Evidence-Based Practice Project