Health information system

The purpose of this assignment is to understand the challenges and opportunities in the development and enhancement of information systems and their affect on communication and workflow efficiency.

Research the health information system structure at your current or most recent organization. Create a systems diagram illustrating your understanding of various health care information systems, their components, and connections with other health care departments. Write a 250-500 word description of your diagram. Include the criteria below:

  1. A summary of the standard components of health care information systems.
  2. An overview of advantages and challenges faced by a hospital using information systems for health care, especially as they relate to the evolving nature of health care information needs.
  3. Integrate three to five supporting sources of health information.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

Requirements: 250-500 words

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There are various advantages associated with the current health information system used by the hospital. One of the advantage the HIS is that helps in data analytics. The hospital constantly collects data from patients. Therefore, HIS helps in gathering, compiling, and analyzing health data to analyze the changing trends and reduce healthcare costs.  Therefore, HIS play a significant role in improving patient care (Kisekka, & Giboney, 2018). Secondly, it improves communication and collaboration between hospital departments or healthcare professionals.  It allows one health department or healthcare professional to share information or even access common health records.  One limitation associates with the HIS used by the hospital is that it is very sophisticated.

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Health information system