Strength Finder and the Conflict Assessment

Discuss and compare your results from Strength finder and the conflict assessment discuss the following points below:

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My strength from the Strengths Finder and my conflict assessment indicate that I am highly collaborative, accommodating, and competitive. I would consider compromising certain aspects to attain the best outcomes. These strengths are recommendable for someone working in a complex environment such as the healthcare system. There is a need for collaboration while working as a team; the opinion and suggestions of others may contribute toward attaining the desired results. Furthermore, one can negotiate and bargain for the most effective solution for those involved through compromise. In addition, it is essential to be accommodative in healthcare practice as this asserts that one considers other people’s views too and ensures the best outcome for all. Being accommodative equips one with the skills to prioritize other peoples’ needs before his own; it encourages selflessness and service to others. Finally, I do not shy away from expressing my opinions, views, and suggestions, which is commendable for anyone who works as a healthcare provider. Abd El-Fattah Mohamed Aly et al. (2022),

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Strength Finder and the Conflict Assessment