Student performance

Create an 8-10 slide digital presentation to highlight how you implemented the IWY strategy during field experiences to introduce and reinforce language and literacy concepts. This strategy will be beneficial as a collaborative resource for teachers district-wide to analyze student data based on student performance in order to modify instruction and implement next steps for instruction. Be sure to include a title slide, reference slide, and presenter’s notes.

Your presentation should include a summary of each instructional strategy implemented in the field experiences, how it could be amended for future instruction, including the following:

  • How to evaluate language and literacy strategies and student performance when modifying instruction and determining appropriate interventions with at-risk and struggling readers.
  • Examples of how to manage and monitor the success of the interventions for at-risk and struggling readers.
  • The ethical way to communicate student progress data, and how to analyze the data based on performance in order to modify instruction.
  • How you will collaborate with professionals in order to advance this professional practice.

Support your findings with two scholarly resources.

Requirements: 8- 10 slides   |   .ppt file

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´For reading and writing skills, instructions are given to small or whole groups

´The teachers instruct the students to read and analyze the text while noting down key ideas

´Also, students are allowed to retell the story in a brief writing

´Students should provide a story sequence using the story map drawn on a flip chart.

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Student performance