Surgical procedure

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A nurse assisting with a surgical procedure at the Bella Hospital fails to remove a surgical sponge before the surgeon closes the incision. Discuss the aspects of liability, malpractice, and negligence as it relates to this situation. Also, include how you as a “Manager” would educate others to view this as an opportunity for improvement. Include material from our readings and utilize the university library to research at least 4 current scholarly, peer-reviewed references published within the past 5 years. Cite all references and utilize APA format.

Requirements: 3 or 4 pages

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As much as nurses undergo thorough training and learning during their undergraduate studies, it is imperative to acknowledge that they do not have all the relevant information about every medical issue they may face in their practice (DS, 2012). In undertaking the treatment of a patient, nurses are often faced with a myriad of clinical questions that arise right from the diagnosis stage (Edelman et al., 2017). In assessing a patient’s condition, the nurse must come up with clinical questions that will help them ascertain the illness that is affecting a patient.

In the healthcare environment, new medical conditions continue to arise with the change in the human environment, putting people’s health at risk. Therefore, the formulation of further clinical questions is inevitable. After developing the clinical questions, the nurses conduct a thorough research about the different rubrics of such a question (DS, 2012).

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Surgical procedure