Quality of patient care

please answer the following DQs with 150-200 words each.

DQ 1:

Changing health information systems can have a direct impact on the quality of patient care. Discuss initiatives that can enhance patient care quality during advanced stages of EHR adaption. Refer to the topic resources for help answering this question.

DQ 2:

Measure Evaluation improves the success of EHR implementation. Discuss the steps that can be taken during the measurement process and the desired results of the measurement process. Refer to the topic resources for help answering this question.





Requirements: 150-200 words each

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The EHR implementation process can be challenging due to the risks involved. However, its implementation success brings many positive outcomes for the patients and the organization. The measuring process of the EHR takes several processes depending on the project goal. One is performing returns on investments (ROI) calculations to assess profitability. The EHR vendor should be within the laid down budget and profitable to improve health and effective health care facilitation (McGowan, Cusack, & Poon, 2008). The second step is recording patient throughput to assess efficiency. The main aim of an EHR vendor machine is to fasten the delivery of care from when patients come in until discharge;

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Quality of patient care