Webb’s Depth of Knowledge

Dissussion 1

As stated in the Syllabus, educators typically use Bloom’s Taxonomy for instruction.

A new tool has become widely used in many school districts across the country: Webb’s Depth of Knowledge (DOK).

In the modules, you will find the DOK Wheel and DOK Questions. Use the handouts for reference as you design assessments for your students.

For your Discussion 1 submission, research online to find DOK references that you would recommend to classmates. Include a URL for at least two in your post.

Requirements: 2 paragraphs

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In another reference, Harris (2015) recognizes Webb’s tool as effective in evaluating learners’ understanding of emerging cybersecurity topics. Considering the complexity of IT programs, instructors can still apply the DOK model to assess students’ comprehension and problem-solving skills in computing curricula. For instance, the teacher can apply level 4 assessments to determine learners’ extended thinking abilities when required to design codes that enhance cybersecurity (Harris, 2015).

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Webb’s Depth of Knowledge