Mental health

You will complete the Area of Interest Worksheet . Interest area: MENTAL HEALTH AS A BCBA (BEHAVIOR ANALYSIS).

1. Interest Area listed – 1 point
2. Definition, history (if applicable) (3 points)
3. Issue/Problem (3 points)
4. Effectiveness of subfield at addressing problem (3 points)
5. Application, 3 points
6. 3 sentences each, 2 points

this exercise is the same as the previous one that you did, it just changes the area of interest n this case is MENTAL HEALTH area as a BCBA. (Board Certificate Behavior Analysis) .
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ABA research has helped address this problem. ABA predominantly focuses on observable behaviors to provide an empirically based and objective framework for the assessment and treatment of mental disorders (Harvey et al., 2009). Furthermore, by focusing on behavioral manifestations of mental health disorders, behavior analysts can get independently verifiable and specific measures of clients’ mental health issues (Harvey et al., 2009). Due to this, behavior analysts can discover the functional links between overt conduct and environment stimuli, leading to the formulation of interventions that re-engineer aspects of clients’ physical and social surroundings (Harvey et al., 2009).

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Mental health