COVID-19 and health disparities

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Question Description: First, explain three brands of theories in sociology (conflict, functionalist, and interactionalism). Second, write about relationship between COVID-19 and health disparity. Third, apply one of the theories to explain the relationship between COVID-19 and health disparities. 400-600 words

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The conflict theory can effectively explain the health disparities witnessed in covid19. In theory, the lower class is constantly disadvantaged because the rich command the social order and limit the flow of resources to the poor. Similarly, during the pandemic, testing and treatment resources were scarce. Treatment was expensive and getting a testing kit was challenging. However, the rich who could afford to pay the high cost of treatment accessed the medical resources which prevented the severity of the infection and deterred death from covid19. The lower-income earners who mostly comprise people of color, could not pay the high medical cost of treatment leading to escalation of symptoms and a higher death rate than witnessed among the rich. The crowded living conditions unsuitable for the recommended isolation needed during covid19 to minimize its spread disfavored the people of color leading to higher infection rates.

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COVID-19 and health disparities