Population health problem

Please read the designated chapters in your resource for this Week 5 assignment. This is an integrative assignment. Please also review the resources you used for Weeks 3 and 4, as they will also be useful in this integrative assignment. A review of the assignments for Weeks 3 and 4 may also be useful.

This assignment has three parts:

Part 1: Insights Summary

Prepare a summary of what you believe to be the three most important insights gleaned from the Chapters you read in the resource SAGE Mixed Methods Research.

Part 2: Data Surveys

Select three national quantitative data surveys that address a specific population health problem. Identify each by name, intended purpose, and the reference source.

Part 3: Assessment Instruments

What qualitative assessment instrument or instruments will complement your choice of quantitative data surveys? That is what qualitative approach you would use to reinforce or highlight the need for an intervention in your community. Recall that you learned how national quantitative databases are frequently used along with local qualitative studies to reinforce the relevance of a proposed intervention. Here are a few suggested topics where the quantitative/qualitative approach have been successfully used.

Length: 3-5 pages (all parts), not including title and reference pages

References: Include a minimum of one scholarly resource or one government website

Requirements: 3-5 PAGES

Please include the references listed?

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The American Diabetes Association is one of the entities in the United States that dedicates a considerable amount of its resources and efforts towards not only understanding the incidence of diabetes within the American population but also the effectiveness of the various interventions developed to address the issue (ADA, 2018). The best way for them to do this is via national data surveys, which allow them to collect pertinent data to inform the findings and reports they publish. In line with this, the American Diabetes Association conducted a national data survey in 2018. The purpose of this survey was to establish the prevalence of diabetes within the general American population, the number of individuals with undiagnosed cases of diabetes, its prevalence amongst the geriatric population, and finally, the number of new cases recorded every year in the United States (ADA, 2018).

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Population health problem