Armillaria root disease

Hello, I need your help writing a paper outline (see instructions and example below) on Disease in Taiga. You helped me write some of the references for this paper and look for subtopics, now we are required to complete an outline. Please follow ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS and make sure the outline looks and follows the example. I will also attach the powerpoint explaining the goal and the instructions for the actual research paper that this assignment is a part of.

Requirements: answer questions

Hi, please make sure you go over the instructions and the example.

you have already done 5 references of the total 10 references. you can go back to the other questions and the instructions to see what you have done so far.

Content: 50%. This is the most important part of your paper. As the author of a review paper, your job
is to synthesize the current literature on a topic of interest. Make sure that you build a strong argument
and that you convey important information to the reader. Be certain to focus on the environmental
issue and its relevance to ecology. Your paper should not be about how humans are impacted by your
topic! Support your topic sentences with main points/conclusions drawn from articles found during
your literature search. Avoid filling your paper with “fluff”, unimportant information that takes up space
but is not relevant to your main points. You should not summarize one article for more than one
paragraph and you should not go into too much detail describing the methods used in the papers unless
absolutely necessary. You should have a minimum of 10 sources cited in your pape

the example should be followed when you try to look for sources and subtopics regadring the issue of disease in taiga.

also as a reminder, the sources has to be peer reviewed primary sources from google scholars or the library i had provided you with earlier.

I am just attaching these again incase you need them.

also, you can make new subtopics, try to follow these guidelines /instructions I attached and the example, as last time our subtopics were written last minute because of the confusion.

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  1. While focusing on the ecosystem of the Taiga habitat, climate change is a significant contributor to the armillaria root disease (Erbilgin et al., 2016; Revich et al., 2012).
  2. Climate changes modify rhizomorphs growth increasing the trees’ susceptibility to the disease (Dempster, 2017; Kubiak et al., 2017).
  3. The mechanisms of resistance to armillaria root disease
  4. Primary and secondary defense and timing play a significant role in helping trees resist the armillaria root disease ((Hagle, 2010; Kedves et al., 2021).

VII. Conclusion

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Armillaria root disease