How State Political Parties Impact Elections

Assignment How do state and local party organizations contribute to a candidate’s campaign, and how important are these functions to candidates’ overall success?

Use standard essay format: Introduction / Body / Conclusion. Minimum word count is minimum 350 – 500 words. Majority of knowledge of topic should be from from the textbook.

Textbook: (S) The Enduring Democracy
Kenneth J. Dautrich, David A. Yalof, Christina E. Bejarano, 2020

ISBN.13: 978-1-544-36447-6

No plagiarism, sources must be cited.

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Considering those groups are local people on the ground, they fully understand the local citizens’ needs. Such information is transferred to the state committee, which in turn offers solutions to issues to sway the group to vote in favor of their candidate.

Electoral campaigns are organized efforts that seek to influence the decisions of a specific group. However, they can be challenging and exhausting, especially when one does not have strong state and local party organizations. Therefore, those party organizations help spread the party’s main interests and help run campaigns for the candidate. Such activities contribute to the candidate’s success as they give the candidate time to attend to other party matters. They also offer financial support, which is one major challenge during campaigns.

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How State Political Parties Impact Elections