Public health concept

Please respond to the following questions and submit for this week’s homework assignment:

  1. Examine preparedness as a universal public health concept.
  2. What is a paradigm, and what is a paradigm shift? Give one example of each concept.
  3. Specify the leadership activities that are required for priority setting.

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  1. Priority Setting

Priority setting refers to the extensive examination of interests, persuasions, goals, and objectives to ascertain the importance, value, and urgency of all of them. Setting priorities is an important leadership trait because it charts a path to be followed toward attaining certain strategic objectives (Henshall, Jones, Armitage, & Tomlinson, 2022). A leader should guide a company, group, or organization in prioritizing to achieve the most desirable results. There are activities that a leader could engage the members in towards setting priorities.

The first activity would usually be gathering all members together in a discussion about the team’s interests, persuasions and goals. This activity aims to ensure the participation of all stakeholders. Another activity would be to call members to order during the discussion to avoid unnecessary arguments, which would strain the main agenda of gathering information.

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Public health concept

Public health promotion


In this assignment, you will complete the first steps in the creation of a program plan for a collaborative public health promotion project for your chosen disadvantaged population. To accomplish this, you must identify those factors intrinsic to that population that will provide criteria for development of the most effective strategy to ensure a collaborative and participatory planning and decision-making process.


Having identified a public health issue and the needs of a disadvantaged population impacted by your selected issue (topic is Hypertension, in the attached document), identify health organizations currently working to meet the needs of this population group that might be relevant to the health issue you plan to address in your course project, and who could potentially be strategic partners in your plan.

Using the peer-reviewed articles and your Internet research from the Centers for Disease Control and other relevant websites, complete the following:

  • Find the data trends related to the impact of the issue on your selected population and compare and contrast the effectiveness of current preventative health care and health promotion efforts.
  • Identify the relevant federal and state policies and evidence-based studies that provide guidance related to the promotion of healthy behaviors in this population.
  • Include a list of health-related organizations that serve the area in which your target population is located, whose mission and goals align with your chosen issue, and who might partner with you on your health promotion plan. From this list of organizations, identify organizational members (by role) whom you would include on an interprofessional planning team consisting of stakeholders in your chosen community and/or health issue.
  • After locating data to support your choice of target population and the issue you have identified, indicate briefly how you plan to identify and prioritize viable options for addressing the health issue. You will research, design, and present a list of these options to a group of stakeholders in your next assignment.

Additional Requirements

  • Length: 5–7 pages (plus cover page and references).
  • Font: Times New Roman 12 pt., double spaced.
  • References: At least six properly cited scholarly resources.

Refer to the helpful links in Resources as you complete your assignment.

Requirements: 5-7 pages

just make sure you pay attention to the required topic, which is in an attached document.

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The most significant impact of hypertension in the population includes stroke, heart disease, and the associated mortality risks.            Indeed in 2009, the number of African American men with stroke was significantly higher than for white men. Between 2003 and 2006, there was a significant decrease in the incidence of stroke within the population from 10.3% to 9.4% (CDC, 2010). The incidences of 30-year mortality rose to 45.2% compared to 23.8% in white men (Lackland, 2014). Death rates from hypertensive diseases increased significantly among African Americans from 1999-2004 (CDC, 2010). Incidences of death rates have remained twice as higher in African Americans men compared to white men.

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Public health promotion

Community health promotion project

Communities of all sizes experience health and related social problems such as disease, injury, violence, homelessness, and substance abuse. Using what you have learned in your readings, your own experiences, and your plans for your community health promotion project, respond to the following, taking into account the FEM guidelines:

  • How can public health officials identify and prioritize resources to address multiple problems and concerns as they prepare to allocate resources for prevention programs?

Support your answers by citing references from your text, assigned articles, or scholarly literature, and share relevant insights from your professional practice. Use correct APA formatting for all references and in-text citations.

Requirements: 1 page

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These will help determine whether the interventions being made are effective in preventing healthcare concerns and whether they can be integrated to come up with a better solution and prevention program (Mitton, Donaldson, Dionne, & Peacock, 2021). The officials will also determine the ease of implementing the interventions. In addition, public health officials will identify the economic and societal costs of the health issue. Economic costs include monetary costs, including medical expenses, and societal impacts, such as the impacts of the disease on individuals and families (Mitton et al., 2021). For instance, the health concern, if not prevented, will lead to high costs of treatment and also may impact an individual’s ability to work and lead an everyday life. In addition, the public officials will work with the stakeholders, including the community members and leaders, to determine the trending healthcare concerns

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Community health promotion project