Social Change Plan Worksheet

Review the social change activity, then present the seven steps of “Creating a Social Change Plan” using the Creating a Social Change Plan Worksheet (PDF), answer the following questions:

The social change you or your organization wants to see.

Describe the vision of the social change you will address, as if it already happened. When creating this vision, make sure it follows the items below:

Be understood among a collective so others can share in the vision.

Empower and engage people to want to take action.

Be well defined and articulated.

Be vivid, engaging, and expressive

Requirements: 2 pages

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Secondly, the organization will give opportunities for its employees to volunteer in different programs within the society aimed at helping and reducing homelessness in society. Thirdly, the organization will come up with effective programs that will help identify and help homeless people and those who are at a higher risk of becoming homeless (Rukmana, 2020). The fourth strategy is that the organization will identify and work closely with other organizations that serve homeless people, including the government. This will help it learn more from them and ask them to support its vision. The sixth strategy is that the organization will strive to donate to the existing non-governmental organizations and individuals making efforts to reduce or end homelessness in the neighborhoods. Finally, the organization aims to encourage the government to make more efforts to address homelessness in the country. According to Oudshoorn (2020), housing-based policies made by the government are among the most successful because the government has more resources that impact more people.

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Social Change Plan Worksheet