Patients and healthcare professionals

Please follow these instructions for your SMART GOALS EVALUATION ASSIGNMENT. This assignment is a Word document, not a Powerpoint.

Submission Instructions

Create a 5-7 minute reflection video using the word document that evaluate each SMART goal that you created. Use Canvas Studio’s Screen Capture feature to record (voice-over) your presentation. Submit the link to your video as a comment under the assignment section of the course assignment.

Word Document (750-1000 words), following APA 7th edition guidelines

Submit to Turnitin

Use the following questions to guide your response:

  1. What were you expecting from the experience before you started?
  2. Why were you expecting this?
  3. Why did you choose this goal?
  4. Did you learn anything about a different group in society (i.e., different age, profession, ethnic, racial or socio-economic group)? What did you learn?
  5. What is the most valuable experience you acquired?
  6. What impact did the experience have on your everyday life?
  7. What did you learn that was directly related to your course objectives?

These instructions override the Rubrics portion that calls for (Powerpoint).

It is still based on the first SMART GOALS submitted as a power point that you did for me and I sent it to you here.

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I expected to see healthcare professionals attending to numerous tasks and responsibilities during my clinical experience. Since this phenomenon can prevent healthcare professionals from managing their time effectively, my final SMART goal was to learn at least three-time management skills by the end of the second day of my clinical experience. One of the things I learned was that my African American colleagues had excellent time management skills, contrary to popular misconceptions and stereotypes about African Americans’ poor time management. The most valuable experience I acquired related to this goal was the importance of managing my time effectively, despite the numerous responsibilities and tasks I have. This experience impacted my personal and professional life, considering I endeavored to always be on time. The time management skills I learned from my preceptor and colleagues allowed me to do this. Learning how to manage my time effectively is directly related to the course’s objectives.

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Patients and healthcare professionals