Embracing introspection

There are two things to complete as part of this assignment:

1. Complete the Strengthsfinder self-assessment ,The results of the assessment will be used to help write a reflection paper and shape the preparation for and discussion on day one of the class.

2. Strengthsfinder Reflection Paper.

-Describe each of the 5 strengths which have been identified as your top 5. If

for some reason you believe that the results do not match what you feel are

your strengths, feel free to substitute one of the other strengths you deem

appropriate. (One to two paragraphs for each strength)

-For each strength, describe a real-life situation where you have seen this

strength in action. (One to two paragraphs for each strength)

The mark shall be derived as follows:

– Demonstration in understanding the various strengths. – 5/20

– Application of strengths to specific real-life situations – 5/20

– Organization, formatting and structure of paper (12 font, 1-inch margins, double-spaced,

paragraph indentation and length, (introduction, body and conclusion)) 5/20

-Quality of writing/communicating – 5/20

The attached document is my results of assessments for part1.

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Adaptability is my second strength. The self-assessment revealed several aspects related to and informing this strength. One of them is that I like living in the moment. Rather than perceive the future as a fixed destination, I see it as a place I can create out of the choices I make right now. Due to this, I discover my future one choice at a time. This strength allows me to respond willingly and adjust accordingly depending on the demands of the moment, even if doing so will pull me away from my initial plans. My adaptability has allowed me to excel numerous times, especially when encountering an unforeseen detour. A perfect illustration of this strength at play was when my friends and I planned to meet up at a café in the afternoon to discuss an assignment. Unfortunately, the immense rainfall made it challenging for us to meet up. However, rather than canceling the meeting, I requested that we have a virtual meeting instead of a physical one. This adaptability allowed us to meet, albeit virtually, and discuss the assignment as we had anticipated.

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Embracing introspection