team goals and objectives

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Identify a team that you are currently participating in or a team with which you have worked in the past. Identify norms, rules, and any explicit ground rules that were developed for the team. Even if the team did not have an explicit mission statement, as you reflect on the team goals and objectives, develop a team mission statement for the team.
Your response must be at least 400 words in length.

Develop an agenda for an upcoming meeting. Develop a meeting goal or goals, and identify the sequence of agenda items. After you have written your agenda, write a brief explanation of why you structured your agenda as you did.
Your response must be at least 400 words in length.

Attend a public meeting, such as your local school board, city council, or campus council, or reflect upon a meeting you have attended in the past. Using the principles and skills discussed in this chapter, evaluate the meeting using the five principles of leadership. Were group members self-aware and aware of comments and actions of others? How effectively did group members use verbal messages to make their points and organize their ideas? Did nonverbal messages provide supportive and positive reinforcement of others’ comments? How effectively did group members listen and respond to messages? What evidence did you find that group members appropriately adapted their message to others during the course of their conversations?
Your response must be at least 400 words in length.

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Groups help people to work together as a team. All group members must stay focused on shared goals and objectives in order to work together. For example, if the goal of the group is to find out what people believe about school life, then everyone must say things related to school life. A group should have five or eight members for it to be effective. It is because a group must combine views of different people before coming up with final results. Last year, I participated in a task group for class projects. We were given a research question, and the task was to find answers as well as providing relevant sources for the answers we gave.