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Technology in Education

Technology in Education

Choose one of the following topics to research. Submit a 4 page paper which includes a summary of the learnings as well as your reflections either agreeing or disagreeing with the findings. Include citations in APA format.

Technology in Education

  1. Artificial Intelligence in Schools
  2. Technology Access Gap
  3. Integrated Learning Systems
  4. Computer Assisted Instruction
  5. Web-based Instruction
  6. STEM fields & STEM Education
  7. Educational Software
  8. Virtual Learning in the Public Schools
  9. Hypermedia in Education
  10. Intelligent Tutoring Systems
  11. Computers in the Classroom
  12. Anchored Instruction
  13. Free & Open Source Software in Education
  14. Assistive Technology in Education

Requirements: 4 pages

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            Artificial intelligence continues to excite and scare people at the same time. Some people appreciate the value of integrating this technological advancement in their lives, while others are skeptical. Even though most people consider artificial intelligence a more recent technological advancement, it has been in existence for quite some time. When most people hear about AI, the first thing that pops into their minds is robots (Cope et al., 2020). That might explain why people are quite hesitant about introducing it to the arena of academia, specifically in schools. They have a transfixed mental image that adopting AI would translate to having machines and robots take over the teaching duties from the current educators. Students and schools will benefit immensely from the integration of artificial intelligence into their schools.