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The interrelationship of the competencies and the DNP Essentials explore health promotion by analyzing the social, political, cultural, behavioral, biological, and economic factors that may influence the health conditions of the people buying their demographic boundaries to a global level (Edelman, & Kudzma, 2021).The health of a given population is influenced by external factors that may be beyond the individual and community perspective due to aspects such as immigration, thus the need for a global model that will enhance the understanding of how the various factors shape the health of a particular population (Curley, 2020). For instance, the partnering and collaborating aspect of the global competency and the AANC DNP essential VI Interprofessional Collaboration for Improving Patient and Population Health Outcomes illustrate the need for the relevant stakeholders to work together globally to improve the health outcomes of people in the communities. Similarly, the global competencies

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