The criminal justice system

CJ101-01 final essay topic

A vehicle is traveling 50mph on a roadway with a posted speed limit of 35mph. The police officer observes the vehicle and utilizing his radar unit (operating under the Doppler principal), confirms that vehicle is indeed driving 15 miles over the posted speed limit.

The police officer activates his overhead lights and siren and effects a motor vehicle stop of the violator’s vehicle. Upon approaching the vehicle, he notices a white male operating the vehicle with a Hispanic male passenger. Upon speaking with the driver, the police officer detects an odor of marijuana emanating from the vehicle.

When utilizing his flashlight to illuminate the interior of the vehicle, he observes a marijuana pipe with burnt greenish brown vegetation indicative of marijuana. The police officer orders the subjects out of the vehicle and seizes the paraphernalia.

Please explain if the stop, search and seizure was legal, indicating if there was probable cause and what it was. Explain what would happen next following all of the components of the criminal justice system.

Minimum of 7 pages double spaced APA Format Minimum of 5 SCHOLORLY RESOURCES (not Wikipedia and google searches).

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In the United States, citizen’s right to privacy and non-interference by members of law enforcement is entrenched in the Constitution (Capers & Burke, 2014). The same law provides a framework upon which members of the police force can execute search and seizures in properties owned by private citizens and corporations. There is a procedure that has to get followed if the materials they seize are to form part of the evidence presented before a court of law. Failure to do this renders the material useless as the method that led to their acquisition was questionable. The stakeholders in the criminal justice system have to ensure that all procedures get followed to ensure Justice gets attained.(2507 words)