The nursing workforce culture

Based on your reading in chapter 60, why do you think the issues presented in this chapter persist in today’s workforce culture?

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The US population consists of a diverse population; hence the nursing population should be diverse to help address the health care needs of a diverse population. The nursing population is predominantly female, with fewer men making up the profession. Increasing the visibility of male professionals in nursing is essential in improving diversity within the workforce (Mason, Gardener, Outlaw, & O’Grady, 2016). In addition, a low number of health care professionals are from ethnic and minority groups. It is also necessary to diversify the educational pipeline to increase diversity in the nursing field. It is equally essential to have a varied nursing education faculty to draw in and keep a diverse student body. Job satisfaction impacts the turnover rate of nurses, which contributes to a high turnover rate. Job satisfaction is the level of contentment that employees feel with their job. To ensure job contentment

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The nursing workforce culture