The Shooting of an Elephant

3page research paper about “The Shooting of an Elephant”

Use the annotated bibliography attached about The Shooting of an Elephant and find a social issue in the book, and relating it to how the issue is handled/ viewed today. you need to use the source from the annotated bibliography and write 3 page research paper. Including MLA format. Also, relate to the rubric attached to make sure everything is right.

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Imperialism-racism is a key social problem that dominates world history, a key pillar of today’s international policies. It is an important element of George Orwell’s work, such as The Shooting of an Elephant. The essay shooting an elephant was published in 1936 and explains the author’s experiences in Burma as a police officer in the totalitarian regime of the British Empire (Orwell, 31). George Orwell explains how as a police officer, he was hated by the locals who though oppressed by the regime, had no gut to raise a riot. A country’s intention to extend its territory to another is influenced by its military and economic strength relative to the controlled society. The shooting of an elephant reflects the strength of the weapon (rifle), the inferior state of the Burmese, the prejudices extended on the inferior race. This research paper explores the social problem of imperialism and racism as its subset, as explained in The Shooting of an Elephant by George Orwell and how it is viewed today. George Orwell, a socialist, would advocate for equal ownership of resources and had anti-European feeling committed to the thought that imperialism was an evil thing. Imperialism-racism is a key social problem depicted in George Orwell’s work, such as The Shooting of an Elephant and common in the contemporary world using either military or economic power to control the inferior nations, which is characteristic of social Darwinist theories. (1086 words)