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Themes in Guy De Maupassant’s ‘The Piece of String’

WRITING ASSIGNMENT [700-1000 words]

You should write an organized essay on ONE of the following:

Themes or narrative in AntoAce Your Coursen Chekhov ‘The Bet’

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Narrative in Laila AbuLaila’s ‘Ostrich’

Themes in Guy De Maupassant’s ‘The Piece of String’

Links to the texts

Antony Chekhov’s ‘The Bet’

Leila Abuleila’s ‘The Ostrich’…

Guy De Maupassant’s ‘The Piece of String’

Please check the attachments for the instruction

Requirements: .doc file | Essay | 1 pages, Single spaced

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Stories are essential in society because they help people learn and apply moral lessons in their day-day life. De Maupassant (1883) teaches moral lessons through his story “The Piece of String.” The story revolves around a man who lives a life of suffering since the day he picks a piece of string on the road. One day, Hauchecorne was heading to the Goderville market when he finds a piece of string and thinks that the string could be helpful. He bends to pick it but pretends to be looking for something else on the mud when he sees Malandain. Later, the police announce that a pocket-book was lost along the same road where Hauchecorne picked a string. Therefore, people believe that Hauchecorne is the one who took the pocket-book. Although another person has the pocket-book, people keep on mocking Hauchecorne as a thief. Therefore, the themes in this story help to teach moral lessons to members of society.