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Annotation of a Quantitative Research Article

Annotation of a Quantitative Research Article Assignment

Annotation of a Quantitative Research Article

This week, you will submit the annotation of a quantitative research article on a topic of your interest. Quasi-experimental, casual comparative, correlational, pretest–posttest, or true experimental are examples of types of research designs used in quantitative research.

An annotation consists of three separate paragraphs that cover three respective components: summary, analysis, and application. These three components convey the relevance and value of the source. As such, an annotation demonstrates your critical thinking about, and authority on, the source. This week’s annotation is a precursor to the annotated bibliography assignment due in Week 10.

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An annotated bibliography is a document containing selected sources accompanied by a respective annotation of each source. In preparation for your own future research, an annotated bibliography provides a background for understanding a portion of the existing literature on a particular topic. It is also a useful first step in gathering sources in preparation for writing a subsequent literature review as part of a dissertation.

Please review the assignment instructions below and click on the underlined words for information about how to craft each component of an annotation.

Please use the document “Annotated Bibliography Template with Example” for additional guidance.

It is recommended that you use the grading rubric as a self-evaluation tool before submitting your assignment.

  • Use the Walden library databases to search for one quantitative research article from a peer-reviewed journal on a topic of your interest.
  • Before you read the full article and begin your annotation, locate the methodology section in the article to be sure that the article describes a quantitative study. Confirm that one of the types of quantitative designs, such as quasi-experimental, casual comparative, correlational, pretest–posttest, or true experimental, was used in the study.
  • Annotate one quantitative research article from a peer-reviewed journal on a topic of your interest.
  • Provide the reference list entry for this article in APA Style followed by a three-paragraph annotation that includes:
  • Format your annotation in Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced. A separate References list page is not needed for this assignment.
I am attaching the required readings docs and for the article on a topic I will let you choose, however, I am interested in the general behavioral and criminal behavioral topics, and you can choose the article from any scholar library databases it is only should be one quantitative research article from a peer-reviewed journal.
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Antecol and Bedard (2007) explore the relationship between single parenthood and the probability for crime, substance use, and promiscuity. The authors consider previous evidence that connects the children raised by single parents to deviant behaviors. Change in American society’s family structure over the last four decades, increasing the number of children raised by a single parent has increased. The researchers consider that with an increase from 12% in the 1960s to 40%, the population raises major social issues. Antecol and Bedard (2007) analyze whether the marital disruption’s timing has an instrumental impact on the outcome of the youth. Quantitative data for youths are drawn from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (NLSY) for the 2000 interview.