Total quality management

[WLOs: 2, 3, 4] [CLOs: 3, 5]

Prior to beginning work on this assignment, read the webpage Total Quality Management and Six Sigma (Links to an external site.), and watch the accompanying video on the webpage.

For this assignment, you will address the following bullet points based on the webpage above.

In your paper,

  • Define total quality management (TQM).
    • Break down the acronym TQM, and explain each of its three components and how the TQM process works.
  • Explain each of the eight basic principles in the TQM Process.
  • Outline the benefits of TQM.
  • Select one standard TQM tool, in addition to the control chart, from the webpage, and explain the purpose and benefits of both the chart and the tool.

The Total Quality Management Process paper

Requirements: 3 pages

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These eight TQM principles work entirely together to develop and implement the processes that yield customer satisfaction. They include focusing on customers and potential customers who buy the products and services as they justify the quality of products offered. The organization must ensure that customers feel the value of their money, and so the company should align its objectives with the client’s needs (Hessing, n.d). The second one is leadership which is essential in maintaining employees’ unity to achieve interdependent goals. Good leadership can create a conducive environment that effectively achieves the organizational goal. Thirdly is the involvement of people from all levels that give all-out efforts dedicated to the organizational profits. Every member’s commitment helps the industry develop products and raise sales growth.

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Total quality management