Transgender Health Care

 Research_Transgender Care and the Health Care Professional


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Transgender patients face an extreme amount of resistance and discrimination within the community daily. Unfortunately, the health care arena is no exception. What challenges do transgender patients face within healthcare? How does discrimination from healthcare providers impact the transgender community? Afterward, what can be done to change or alleviate this issue–what program, system, or process can be created to help the transgender patient and the healthcare provider. How would you ensure that transgender patients don’t experience discrimination or ambivalence when seeking healthcare?


Answer review

In the health care domain, transgender patients face extreme challenges due to their difference in gender identity.  According to Gupta, Imborek, and, Krasowski (2016), financial constraints, the inflexibility of healthcare settings, and lack of sensitivity by care providers on transgender issues such as preferred pronouns are critical challenges. Despite ACA provision requiring the inclusion of gender identity in health care coverage and prohibiting sex-based discrimination, transgender patients continue to experience these challenges across the country and worldwide. These challenges impact the patients’ health outcomes since it increases the likelihood of avoiding and delaying health care attention due to anticipated discrimination or stigma. Creating an inclusive healthcare environment, such as providing care providers with transgender education, is crucial to prevent discrimination. This text explores the challenges experienced by transgender patients and discrimination by healthcare providers and how to alleviate discrimination.  Transgender patients experience challenges such as rigid health care settings and discrimination by care providers and can be alleviated by providing training to care providers on preferred pronouns and language.(1367words)