Transit System

In an essay format answer the following questions:

In essay format answer the following questions:

After reading the chapter by Capri (2015) on manual data collection. Answer the following questions:

  1. What were the traditional methods of data collection in the transit system?
  2. Why are the traditional methods insufficient in satisfying the requirement of data collection?
  3. Give a synopsis of the case study and your thoughts regarding the requirements of the optimization and performance measurement requirements and the impact to expensive and labor-intensive nature.

In an APA7 formatted essay answer all questions above. There should be headings to each of the questions above as well. Ensure there are at least three-peer reviewed sources to support your work. The paper should be at least two pages of content (this does not include the cover page or reference page).

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Requirements: two pages of content not including the cover page or reference page

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Based on data gathered from the United States energy, it is clear that 50% of commuters do not use public transport to work, but rather their vehicles. That shows the number of cars on the road and how it can cause traffic. However, traffic can be mitigated through people utilizing public transit services (Tan, Steinbach, Karpatne, & Kumar, 2019). And therefore, public transit services must be improved by reducing costs and improving service quality to increase their utility and attract more people in using public transport to avoid them using their vehicles.

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Transit System