Typologies of sexual offenders.

There are many different types of sexual assaults and many different types of offenders. Although they are different, they can be classified in order to create a common language between the criminal justice field and the mental health field. This in turn will enable more accurate research, predict future offenses, and assist in the prosecution and rehabilitation of the offenders.

In this Assignment, you compare different typologies of sexual offenders to determine the differences in motivation, expression of aggression, and underlining personality structure. You also determine the best way to interview each typology of sexual offenders.

In a 3- to 5- page paper:

Compare the two typologies of sexual offenders you selected by explaining the following:

  • The motivational differences between the two typologies
  • The expression of aggression in the two typologies
  • The differences in the underlining personality structure of the two typologies

Based on your comparison, explain strategies you would recommend when interviewing the two types of offenders.

Requirements: 3 pages

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Interviewing sexual offenders is a delicate and complicated process that qualified specialists should only carry out under proper precautions. Interviews are sometimes conducted with sexual offenders to collect data that can guide therapy and risk assessment and eventually lower the chance of sexual offenses in the future. When conducting interviews with opportunistic sexual offenders, it is important to ask the offender what makes them decide to commit sexual assault on their victims (Chopin & Beauregard, 2020). On the other hand, when interviewing fixated sexual offenders, it is important to ask the offender questions to understand their history of attraction to targets and any possible psychiatric conditions that may be influencing their behavior (James & Proulx, 2020). When conducting the interview, the interviewer should create a bond with the sexual offender to make them feel free to express themselves. It is also vital for the interviewer to ask open-ended questions to enable the sexual offenders to provide detailed responses to understand their motivation and underlying personality structure better.

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