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  1. What do you think are the strengths and the weakness of of United Nations Convention on the Rights of Children? How do you think that the UNCRC translates into different cultures?

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The Convention involving the Rights of the Children (UNCRC) emerged as an agreement between different nations to advocate for children’s protection. For the period that UNCRC has been active, it has shown the following strength. First, it provides a guiding document for nations when creating laws about children’s protection. UNCRC advocate for special treatment to children as well as ending any form of discrimination. Secondly, it promotes global commitment when it comes to the rights of children (Aggrey, 2018). That is, the nations that signed the agreement are bound to respect every part of the UNCRC. However, UNCRC has the following weaknesses. First, it lacks enough enforcement. According to Aggrey (2018), some nations that agreed to follow UNCRC guidelines have not been effective when enforcing it. Secondly, UNCRC fails to cover children with other special needs. For example, it does not specify the treatment that disabled and HIV positive children should receive (Aggrey, 2018). (256 words)