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User centered design

User Cent Design

Answer these questions:

1. What special design considerations might social media systems require that others do not require? Why?

2. What expectation of privacy should social media users expect?

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3. Describe at least one example of how user centered design could enhance user privacy.

Your initial post should be at least 75 words per question (225 words). Be sure to cite at least three sources (APA style) to support your answer (one per question)

Answer preview

In social media systems, special designs may focus on the usability aspect, while others may focus on accessibility. This varies because of the different demands that diverse social media users have. Hence, with the usability approach, the design considerations integrate features that enhance individuals’ experience. Righi and James (2010) illustrate that an appropriate interface for all kinds of users is incorporated to improve the deliverability of the system. However, with the visibility design approach, the systems offer services or products without necessarily attaining the usability goal. Hence, factors like the physical, economic, and social elements are integrated to enhance accessibility.(428 words)