The spread of Islam

What made possible the spread of Islam, and what forms of government were established to rule Muslim lands?

Topic : What made possible the spread of Islam, and what forms of government were established to rule Muslim lands?

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According to Haghnavaz (2013), Islam is the second-largest religion with most of the followers across the world after Christianity.  It is believed to have emerged in the 7th century in Mecca during the life of the prophet Muhammad.  Islam is one of the most spreading religion across the world.  Currently, Islam dominates in some parts of the world, including northern Africa and Spain and the middle east.  Haghnavaz (2013), highlights that the acceptance of Islam in the 7th and 8th century took place after a series of military campaigns, nonviolent pilgrimage, and treaties that was undertaken by the newly formed community of believers. The expansion of the Arabian empire favored the spread of Islam as it attributed to the formation of the caliphates, which occupied a vast geographical area. The spread of Islam led to the expansion of Muslim culture and the Arabic language across the world.  Compared to other religions, Islam was more tolerant and experienced gradual growth in the medieval era. Its spread was facilitated by paganism and polytheistic societies, where they quickly accepted conversion.  In this regard, the spread of Islam in the medieval era was facilitated by the expansion of trade, military conquest, migration, and the growth of the Muslim dynasties. (1809 words)