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The purpose of this assignment is to practice how to deliver negative news by refusing a request for a donation from an organization. One of the churches in your community requests that you help to sponsor its next back-to-school program. Your company is unable to sponsor the event due to prior commitment to other charitable organizations.

  • Write a letter to the leader of the church explaining why your company cannot donate to the back-to-school program.
    • Your refusal letter must include the following: Buffer, Explanation, Negative news, and Redirect.

Requirements: 300 words   |   .doc file

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As a charitable organization focusing on bringing changes to people’s lives across the country and globe, we would not want to fail any commitments made by our organization. However, if you feel the need to conduct us by November this year, we will be in a better position to consider your request.

I hope you and the beneficiaries will understand our crisis and corporate with us this time. I would recommend other organizations that you might consider seeking assistance. Let us know so that we may share their contacts. Although we can’t commit to monetary support

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World Vision Organization