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questions and answers


questions and answers

Hello there, I need help on these parts of the assignments.

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One: 2.3 quick check: Make Sense of the Reading discussion.

Two: 3.4 you’ll watch key parts of the clip closely as you consider the following reflection questions. Even though the video is from a secondary science classroom, the types of skills, strategies, and mindsets being developed are generally applicable across content areas. (BB with professor).



Three: 4.2, you’ll need to read this article below then after you finish you need to use the Case Analysis Form to guide your analysis and document your thinking about it. The form is linked below as a fillable PDF:

Source: Dixon, H. (2016). Making peace in kindergarten: Social and emotional growth for all learners (voices) (Links to an external site.). YC Young Children, 71(4), 57.

Fourth and lastly: I want to read the prompt below


Preview the document

Above is the hyperlink that will take you to the PDF of our first reading, which is Chapter 3 of “Process of Education”, by Jerome Brunner. This chapter is called “Readiness for Learning”.

Please read this chapter and write down one word, from every sentence.

Please then make a word puzzle out of these words, intersecting them and crossing them, using letters as intersections.

This word-puzzle won’t be a game to play, but it will be a design and art piece to visually express the words that may have stayed with you from the reading.

(please keep it all on one page) and you can use a pencil and paper or digital.

Thank you.

Requirements:   |   .doc file | OTHER | Other | 4 pages, Double spaced


And I need each assignment in different paper and note the attached documents labelled for each part. 


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