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Bedside patient care, and its importance in the health care system

My topic is bedside patient care, and its importance in the health care system.

My topic is bedside patient care, and its importance in the health care system. I need a 3 paragraph essay with up to 4-6 sentences per paragraph. The paragraph must be written in APA format. The links that I placed must be used inside of the essay, but if you would like to incorporate your own links you may add them as well.

Requirements: Minimum of 3 paragraphs with 4-6 sentences per paragraph.

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Bedside care provides direct or immediate care to patients and can take care in different clinical settings like homes, hospitals, and care facilities in residential areas.  Bedside care is one of the most basic forms of nursing care but turns out to be the most vital in ensuring the patients are safe and their conditions are closely monitored (Institution for Healthcare Improvement, 2021).  Bedside care involves activities like administering medications, conducting assessments, taking vital signs, recording digital signals, bathing the patients, providing patient information and changing linens, among others (Karlsson et al., 2019). Bedside nurses act as the connection between the hospital personnel and the patients. They also interpret the information provided by the patients or their family members. However, bedside care does not only involve taking care of patients’ physical needs. It also includes providing the patients with the right emotional support for a quicker recovery process.