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Budget Staffing

Budget Staffing

Discuss the question using 3 APA reference within 5years with nursing content.

You find that your staff is not aware of the budgeted staffing model for their nursing unit. How would you go about educating/informing your staff? What would the most important factors to address?

Read “Engaging Staff to Create a Blended Unit and Efficient Staffing Matrix,” by Brooks et al., from Journal of PeriAnesthesia Nursing (2016).

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Read “Nurse Staffing Improvements Through Interprofessional Strategic Workforce Action Planning,” by Young, White, and Dorrington, from Nursing Economic$ (2018).

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The nursing unit’s budgeted staff model describes the number of nurses assigned to nursing hours for each patient in a day. Nurses should be aware of the budgeted staff model of their nursing unit. One of the nurses’ professional duties is to understand staffing. The first factor to address is the operating budget, which outlines the number of staff in every category, such as licensed practical nurses, registered nurses, and nursing aides. The financial plan also stipulates the salaries and benefits for every class, hiring fee, per diem expense, current staff wages, and employee development cost.