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Characteristics of viruses

Characteristics of viruses


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According to Amoeba Sisters (2018), viruses are classified as living things despite controversial reasons that they are non-living things. One reason why viruses are considered living things is that they can evolve and contain nucleic acids and proteins. Viruses possess DNA or RNA, which encompasses the genetic material of any other living thing (Gomez-Marquez, 2020).  Viruses are also living things because they can mutate by using their genetic composition, which is fundamental for living things. This means viruses present a high degree of diversity. According to Hartenian (2020), coronaviruses are diverse, including the SARS-CO2 causing the Covid-19 pandemic and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome. These diversities show spillovers of viruses and contain 27-32kilobase of RNA strands and encode approximately 20-29 proteins. This shows their diversity as living things. Besides, viruses interact with the host by exchanging genetic materials and move from one species to a different one. This indicates that viruses are involved in various processes, like living things. However, some scientists consider viruses as non-living organisms since they require the cells of living things (host) to replicate.(732words)