Class-action lawsuit

I am giving Six cases that need to be put in brief form I have an example how the cases need to be (1st Case.…) (2nd Case )(3rd case…) (4th Case…) (5th Case…) (6th case…) I am including an example thats how the briefs need to be done 10.5 font Arial and 1.15 line spacing in microsoft word


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Requirements: 1 Page for each Brief  

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According to the court, the defect identified by the initial court in the complaint involved failure to allege the defendant concealed a material fact. The court argued that a seller must share any material information within their knowledge that might affect the desirability or value of a property. Furthermore, the court reasoned that allowing the plaintiff to survive a demurrer in light of the unusual underlying factors will not endorse material facts anchored on peripheral harms. The court further added that murder is not a common phenomenon, and thus, has the potential to disturb a buyer to the extent that they cannot live in a house where the killings occurred. In addition, a buyer might not be aware of such a fact, considering discovering it does not fall within their duty of inquiry before buying a house. Based on this, the court reversed the holding made by the initial court, pointing out that the plaintiff’s complaint demonstrated an objective and tangible harm, and even though allowing her to pursue it would open the floodgates for subjective grounds, she should be allowed to go forward with it.

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Class-action lawsuit