Nonprofit organization

Give a recent example of how smart online listening has benefited a nonprofit organization. Alternatively, give a recent example of a nonprofit organization that is not doing a good job of listening.
When you’re writing the discussion, combine the behavior with the concepts in the articles. Use at least two resources for citations. APA format. at least 300 words (not included the reference page).






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They effectively handled a potential crisis through smart online listening, engaging with the people, and timely response. Another benefit of intelligent listening is that it helps people participate and drive donations. This is important for nonprofit organizations as they depend on grants and funding to run effectively. In addition, it is possible to build a loyal community. Building a dedicated community is essential for valuable feedback, creating awareness of the organization’s purpose, and helping generate revenue. It also ensures that the organization can find people who talk about the cause, regularly contribute, and influence their friends to join a cause (Collier, 2012). Hence, the organization can develop ways to convince them to donate, participate or create awareness. It also ensures the nonprofit

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Nonprofit organization