Mental game skills

Assessment Type: Team intervention (Client Report Assessment)

Page Count: 2500 words excluding references and optional appendix

Learning outcomes: Describe and analyse in detail key concepts and principles underpinning the practice of sport psychology. Critically evaluate key techniques and strategies aimed at improving athlete, team, and coach performance in sport. Synthesise information from a variety of sources to produce appropriate evidence-based

recommendations to improve client performance

Assessment Brief:

You will be presented with a “real-life” case (week 25) in which a sports team is not performing to the normal / expected level. You will have the opportunity to interview these members of the team in order to identify the specific issues that are affecting team performance. You will also be provided with additional psychological assessment data and performance data that has been collected.

1- Title, Aim, conclusion: Team intervention

2- Assessment Breakdown: ●psychological assessments ● team information ● performance data

3- Communicate the key area(s) that require improvement AND a justification for why they have been selected: ● why are those constructs important to performance? ● why have you selected the area(s) over other possible areas to emerge from the data?

The Intervention:

You must then devise and present an 8-week evidence-based intervention that could be implemented during the last 8 weeks of the competitive season in order to enhance team performance. You DO NOT need to implement the intervention, this is a written outline of what the intervention WOULD entail and WHY. You must provide a detailed, evidence-based intervention that could be implemented. It must be clear that the intervention directly addresses the issues / weaknesses identified through your judgment of the interviews and the additional psychological assessments and performance data provided

(point 1 above). Your intervention MUST be supported by critical analysis and application of appropriate theory and up to date published research, all of which must be clearly and accurately referenced. Optional: You can include an additional visual representation of your what your intervention will entail in a ONE PAGE (only) appendix if you wish. ● For example, a visual timeline or table.

requirements of the report:

● 2500 words maximum (excluding references and optional timeline appendix) You can use subheadings if you wish, as long as they are appropriate.

● References and citations should be prepared in accordance with the American psychological association’s (APA7th) publication manual (7th edition).

● Page margins should be standard Times New Roman Text (12 font) 1.5 line spacing.

Please use the file (client report interview 1 anaylsis.pdf) to identify the issues and as needed and the file (Professional Practice in Sport Psychology.pdf) for more deatils

Requirements: 2500 Words

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To overcome the stress, communication issues, and cohesion challenges, various interventions, including education, social activities, and events, will be coordinated over eight weeks. Psychological skill training involves a wide range of strategies and techniques that enhance sports performance develop psychological skills and promote a positive approach to competition. The nature and the scope of interventions are significant factors that influence their effectiveness (Zakrajsek & Blanton, 2017). The interventions used to improve the performance of the team are two-fold. The dimensions involve the change in targeted behavior or mindset and self-regulation of the engagement.

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Mental game skills