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Write a Research Proposal on about: Bullying in the workplace.

Research question: How to identify and manage workplace bullying ?

The paper must follow the current APA style, contain at least 3-4-pages of content (excluding the title page and references), and utilize at least five (5) scholarly (peer reviewed) articles. *** This is just a research proposal, not the actual research.


-Essay format (APA)

-3-4 pages, double spacing

-Font: Times New Roman, Size 12

-At least 5 peer-reviewed sources (include DOI in reference page) (Can be used to define terms/concepts)

-In-text citations for each peer-reviewed source

-No plagiarism3-4

Requirements: 3-4 pages

All instructions are listed in the description
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The project will be undertaken for a period of four months. The first three weeks will involve developing a research introduction and problem statement. The second three weeks will involve conducting a literature review. The other two months will be used in collecting the relevant data. All the relevant research will be conducted to ensure what are the major causes of work bullying and ways it can be managed. The next one week will be used in data analysis, and the last one week will be used in results interpretation and conclusion. The projected budget for the entire project is approximately $350,000.

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Organizational management and government