Classical Liberalism

And figuring out the appropriate size and role of government has always been a source of rigorous and, yes, sometimes angry debate. That’s our history.”

—–Pres. Barack Obama 9/9/2009 Address to Congress on Health care

Most American politics is a debate about the role and size of government.

Choose 2 U.S. NEWS articles (not an opinion!) from the Wall Street Journal between March 1 and March 10 that you believe show the ongoing debate within classical liberalism in the US regarding either the role of government, the size of government, or both. Explain why your examples show the debate within classical liberalism. (DO NOT USE conservative or progressive arguments for or against—-it’s all within classical liberalism.)

The articles are to get you started, your grade is on how you apply classical liberal ideas. Hint: Look to the obstacles, the accepted roles of Adam Smith, or the harm principle.

NO OUTSIDE SOURCES!!!!!!!!!!!!———–—-just the 2 articles (and the text if needed)

Length: 2 paragraphs for each article (one for each side of the debate).

Requirements: 2 paragraphs for each article (one for each side of the debate).


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The article outlines that President Biden marked his first major legislative achievement after the house passed the $1.9 trillion Covid-19-stimulus on March 10th this year.  The relief bill will allow millions of jobless Americans to access a check of $1,400, which is a $300 weekly addition to the jobless aid supplement (Peterson, 2021). It will also offer a one-year extension of the child tax, thus providing payments to households periodically. Also, the government will make significant amendments to the Affordable Care Act.

The above debate is within classical liberalism because it promotes equal rights for all US citizens and is committed to individualism. Through the relief, the bill focuses on helping individual jobless workers to help them recover from the difficulty of the Covid 19 pandemic. Moreover, changes in ACA will promote health accessibility to millions of Americans in the country. Also, the above classical debate is a classical debate because it promotes economic freedom.

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Classical Liberalism