Communication journals

Each unit you will select one journal article. It should be based on journal articles addressing small group communication from communication journals accessed through Ebso’s Communication Source.Links to an external site. The articles should be reporting research that was done by the authors of the articles. Do not select theoretical pieces or arguments for or against a position.

Journal Article Examples

Below are some example ideas for journal article selection:

  • An article about decision making in juries might help lawyers shape their arguments in their closing.
  • An article about why bystanders don’t step forward to help women being raped might help dorm directors develop better training programs for their residents and help college administrators better deal with this problem.
  • An article exploring why teens in “popular” groups bully other students could help parents understand what their daughter’s posts on Facebook are doing to her peers and help them help her stop bullying.

Writing Your Paper

For this writing assignment, your job is to make this research understandable by and applicable to “average people” as defined by your target audience. At the bottom of your paper, indicate:

  • Who your audience is
  • The audience’s basic characteristics
  • How you think the audience could use this information.

Each paper should be approximately 500-600 words. Put a title at the top of the first page and use 10-12 character-per-inch font for the body type. Use one-inch margins.

Requirements: Looking for a more in-depth guide with all the details.

Answer preview

  • My audience – my audience is mainly teens between the age of ten and twenty-five who are mostly involved in bullying activities.
  • The audience’s basic characteristics –their characteristics include impulsiveness, anger issues, being prone to frustrations, lack of empathy, and also difficulty following rules. Others include little respect for authorities, physically stronger than other children, and viewing violence positively.
  • How this information can be used by the audience- the teens can use this information to understand how much effect it has on one’s physical and psychological well-being. Having an understanding of the effects of bullying helps one-stop the habit while also preventing the habit from transferring to other innocent teens.

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Communication journals