Comprehension of a story.

Review Janelle Cox’s Boost Your Students’ Reading Motivation. As you review through the list, determine the significance of each activity regarding developing students’ reading comprehension. For each activity, consider how completing this activity will help the student not only be motivated to read and be engaged in reading, but also demonstrate comprehension of the text they just read.

After analyzing each of Cox’s activities, pretend you are an intermediate student. Your teacher has just asked you to complete five of the activities on this list to show your comprehension of a story you just read. Think about which five activities you would prefer to do. Create a PowerPoint presentation describing each activity, why you would choose this activity as a student, and how this activity demonstrates your level of reading comprehension. Use at least three research-based/scholarly references throughout the presentation to validate your conclusions.

The presentation must include the following slides:

Use 7th edition APA format when citing your references and media throughout the presentation. The reference page should also use APA format.

Requirements: At least 10 slides

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uLunch bunch activities demonstrate one’s level of comprehension by sharing their thoughts about assigned reading.

uIt improves understanding of text by building student’s interest.

uIt is recommended to set reading goals at the end of each lunch bunch session.

uIt enables an effective approach to engage in a collaborative discussions.

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