Project schedule management.


Answer the following:

  1. What does the author state is “project success”?
  2. What are some of the unique needs of the “next generation of employees?”
  3. Explain the “New World Disorder”
  4. The author concludes that the ethical vows should include a focus on two things. List what these are and explain what they mean.

Requirements: 400 words

, please use book and the article for the reference.

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Cost estimates must be evaluated and adjusted during the project to consider new information as it becomes available, and hypotheses are tested. As a project progresses in its life cycle, its estimation accuracy will rise. The next generation of employees views their work based on their interactions with their colleagues and what they expect from their employers (Wagner, 2019). Currently, employers are hiring a new graduate who values creativity, enthusiasm, energy, and the ability to use technology to solve problems. In addition, the unique generation values diversity, flexibility, equity, and inclusion within the work environment. With the advance in technology, the new generation of employees has easy access to a wide variety of information and knowledge which impacts their decisions and daily lives.

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