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Coronary Artery disease

writing a research paper Based on what described below……….

Coronary Artery disease

1- introduction about the disease

2-Coronary Artery circulation

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3- Coronary Artery Pathophysiology


I have an outline and references for this I will send it

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According to the CDC (2020), heart diseases are the major killers of women, men, and most people belonging to various ethnics and racial groups in the US. It is estimated that every 36 seconds, a person dies in the US because of heart diseases. CDC (2020) reports that coronary artery disease was responsible for 365,914 deaths in 2017. Also, about 18.2 million people who are above 20 years have coronary heart diseases. Rehman, Khan, & Rehman (2020) say that the heart is highly metabolically and consumes a lot of oxygen. The oxygen demand is attained when the integrity of the blood vessels is good. The integrity of the blood vessels is affected by the deposits of fats and plagues that reduce the blood vessels’ diameter leading to lower oxygen supply (NIH, 2020).   Rehman, Khan, & Rehman (2020) assert that the build-up of plagues reduces the arteries’ diameter, leading to mismatch in oxygen demand and oxygen delivery, hence the disease.