Counseling and anxiety among teenagers

Discussion Description: You will be exposed to several concepts associated with the design of a research project and create an outline of a project you would be interested in. You will learn much more about the research topics throughout your graduate program. For this discussion, just do your best!

In your initial discussion post, think about a topic that you would be interested in investigating. Choose a topic that you would be interested in and create a simple research design. The content of the Week 3 videos will help you with this activity. We understand much of this information is very new to many students. Just do your best!

This is a useful tool: What is the relationship between ________ and ________ among ________?

EXAMPLE: What is the relationship between BURNOUT and JOB SATISFACTION among NURSES?

When responding to students this week, contribute to their research design by critically analyzing it and offering your advice.

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My topic: What is the relationship between counseling and anxiety among teenagers?

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Data will be collected using a pre-test and post-test link. Identification numbers will be issued to each teenager to compare the anxiety scores. The numbers are essential to maintain participant confidentiality. The ID numbers will be selected randomly to avoid any association with participants. They will utilize these ID numbers when filling out the tests. The tests will comprise scales and printed forms that will be filled from the personal electronic devices of the teenagers. Pre-tests data will be collected prior to the first session, while post-test scores will be gathered for 20 days after the last session. The collected information will be checked, but incomplete data from the tests will be excluded from the study. The data analysis process will be executed in two phases. Based on the frequency values of the variables, the data sets from each test will be checked and cleared of missing or inaccurate information.

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Counseling and anxiety among teenagers