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Cyber attack…

Look for a cyber attack using malware that has happened in the last 6 months (since June 2020) and don’t duplicate someone else’s posts.

  1. Explain the details of the attack.
  2. Indicate the source and web link to the attack.
  3. Explain the type of malware.
  4. What could have been done to protect against such an attack.
  5. Respond to 2 colleagues about their attack.

Please make it look simple and clear, I have attached the link for the cyber attack I chose

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Answer Preview

Several high-profile cases of cyber-attack have been recorded in the past, and the latest instance of a high profile attack is the Iranian RANA Android Malware attack. The attacker, referred to as APT39 (Remix Kitten) under the protection of the Iranian government ministry of Intelligence and Security, carried out a coordinated cyber-attack on various international telecommunication companies and international journalists. The attackers used an Android spyware implant referred to as optimizer.apk to conduct their hacking activities. This malware was able to access information from the private chats of individuals who used famous messaging apps such as WhatsApp and telegram. The malware was also able to auto-answer calls from targeted individuals who the attacker sought to eavesdrop on their conversation to obtain crucial information for the ministry of intelligence. Additionally, the malware implant could force Wi-Fi connections with compromised devices, which would be used to hack into these target populations’ systems.